The Downtown LA Experience (My Summer in a Thousand Words…I’m Kidding)

Amazing View of LA from the Pool
Amazing View of LA from the Pool

The Experience?

Downtown LA (DTLA) was one of the most extraordinary places I’ve ever lived. Full of all kinds of people from all over the world in one big melting pot. See, I’ve always dreamed of living in DTLA, but didn’t see that dream becoming a reality until…lets say maybe 10 years down the line. It truly was a dream come true, so when the opportunity presented itself…I took it. So not only did I get to live inDTLA, but I got to live with someone who inspired me beyond words and didn’t even know it. So “excited” wouldn’t begin to describe the feelings I was experiencing.

I was having so much fun that time seem to fly faster than a humming bird. Days became weeks and weeks had quickly become months before I could even blink. No, I’m not being sarcastic.  I was learning SO MUCH in so little time! Not only about DTLA but about myself and People! My eyes were opened and I began to see people as people not as stereotypes. I allowed people to define themselves. I opened up my mind and heart to new horizons. I was a sponge absorbing everything and sorting through it thoroughly leaving behind the bad habits and poisoned teachings. I had become a new person with my own beliefs about the world and a firm support system behind me (THANK God).  I am grateful for all of the new things that I experienced and learned. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Night out with friends
Night out with friends

What was DTLA Like? 

The people. The culture. The atmosphere was beyond amazing! To this day I remain speechless as I think back on those memories. Memories that at the time I took for granted. We’ve all heard the saying, “You never know what you have until its gone, so you better enjoy it while you have it” speech. Yeahhhh…listen. 9 times out of 10…they’re right!  I I got to see the most beautiful things from rooftops to mountain tops (Griffith Park). Truth is; a lot of people can’t handle life in the fast lane so they chose to speak negatively about it. I can’t begin to count the number of times someone has degraded Downtown, but for the most part not only is it beautiful, but its historic. From the streets to the buildings Downtown is and will forever be a historic landmark. Its not the look of Downtown that makes it beautiful. Its the Heart.

The 4th of July @ Grand Park
The 4th of July @ Grand Park (View of City Hall (left) Grand Park Water Fountain (right) )


 My most memorable event was  the 4th of July. Grand Park was full of people from all walks of life. They had live music  and food trucks everywhere. Needless to say, the park was overwhelmed with families,  dogs, and beautiful waterfalls. I was surrounded by a dark beautiful sky filled with fire works and people that I love. Those are moments that I will never forget. Moments I choose to never forget. Moments cherished.

Me haha
Me at Grand Park “Watching Fireworks as Whitney Houston Sings the Star Spangled Banner in the background.” -My Facebook Post                                     (July 4, 2013)


Having Fun (Left) The Last Bookstore (Right)
Having Fun (Left) The Last Bookstore (Right)

Really Cool Places

Place #1 – A Mystery (Photo to the Left)

This place was amazing. It was some residence building with these HUGE chairs!! I had a great time taking pictures with one of my closet friends (she’s out of the pic).

Place #2- The Last Bookstore (Photo to the Right)

My favorite place of all! This is where I have spent countless hours. It is by far the coolest bookstore I’ve stepped foot in while living in DTLA. It had the most AMAZING set-up. So unique. It was so cool! If your ever in DTLA you have to stop here and check it out. I will leave some pictures in the gallery at the end of the post.

Wesley Jonathan (Roll Bounce) & I
Wesley Jonathan (Roll Bounce) & I

 Meet Wesley!

 I have had the biggest crush on Wesley since The Amanda Bynes Show (I know…I just took it way back). I saw him walking past the bar on Historical Spring Street and asked him if he can take a picture with me. He was a total sweetheart about it. The best early birthday gift my favorite actor could give me haha. I love this guy! Glad I had the opportunity to meet him 🙂

What to turned out to be the BEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE (So far haha)

 Last Journal Entry:

“I keep thinking about how much I am going to miss LA. How much I am going to miss all of these amazing people God has placed in my life. I’ve learned SO Much! I’ve learned to be like more Christ. I learned to let people define themselves. I learned that I am young and I should live my life freely while I don’t have any “real problems.” I learned how to love and serve people in spite of the situation or the outcome. I have overcome so many obstacles I was pushed to become a better person…I was given hands on training on how to let go and move on. These were moments. Memories taken for granted. Moments I am going to carry with me though out my lifetime. These people I am going to be there for and love no matter what. Thank you Jesus for the friends and new-found family that you have placed in my life. Thank you for all of the lessons learned. Thank you for the opportunity to become a better person. Thank you for the change of heart.”

-Alicia Stuart-Chambers

Journey with me as I Journey with You.

Family Visit Me, my Grandpa Terry, my Aunt Nina, my cousins girlfriend, and my cousin James.
Family Visit:
Me, my Grandpa Terry, my Aunt Nina, my cousins girlfriend, and my cousin James.

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